Bos Farm Repair started in 1999 as a tractor repair service. All makes and models of tractors and other farm equipment is welcome in our shop whether it be for minor repairs and simple servicing or major repairs like engine overhauls, clutch or transmission repairs. We can take care of hydraulic issues and rebuild hydraulic cylinders.

We also do welding repairs and repairs on air conditioning. We spend much of the summer going through combines and getting them ready for harvest. Our mechanics make sure they replace only what needs to be replaced and will let the customer know if they think something can go another year so that they are not spending more money than they need to. If we are on the fence about something we will call our customers to come in and look at the job for themselves, give them all the options and then let them decide what approach is best for their equipment. We have a service truck available for on-site repairs and trucking available to get the equipment to our shop and then back to the customer when the job is done.

At Bos Farm Repair we strive to meet the needs of our customers by offering quality professional service at a fair price. We stand behind the jobs we do and will work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied when the job is complete.